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Join us for our wide range of certified teacher development courses for new and experienced teachers and teacher educators. Delivered over Zoom, our courses are practical, creative, inspiring and very supportive of individual needs. Each course is 6 hours long over 3 weeks at only 60 euros.

Join us in our Facebook global teacher community where we share ideas, thoughts and experiences and ask questions about our practice. Everyone is welcome and everyone learns from each other.

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Tea with eltonix

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our ‘Tea with eltonix’ videos. This is when Claire & Sarah have a little chat about... well... everything and anything... then come up with some creative and engaging ideas, tasks and activities you can use in your language classrooms.

Tea with eltonix

Classroom-based Exploratory Research

Do you need support with a specific group of learners or in a particular area of teaching or training? Are you taking a teaching course and need a sounding board? Or do you want to explore something new in your teaching practice? Whether you are a newly qualified or highly experienced teacher, eltonix supports you through classroom-based exploratory research. We work with individuals and groups of teachers.

  • The whole journey usually takes 4 weeks
  • It includes online meetings, ongoing mentoring, a tailor-made action plan and a digital portfolio
  • The first meeting is free. If you like us, the whole journey costs 540 euros (payable in Euros, GBP, US dollars)
  • Lesson observations (live or recorded) with spoken and written feedback can be organised at a cost of 80 euros per observation provided you have consent from your school, your students or the parents/guardians of your students. You can add as many observations as you like.
  • You will need an active class with one or more students (face-to-face or online)

The Steps

Step 1

Your students and your needs

  • Complete the application form so we can get to know you and your context better.
  • We organise an initial online meeting to find out more about you, your students and your needs. This is a free consultation.
  • Once you’ve loved our ideas and decided to continue the eltonix journey, we send you an invoice.
Step 1
Step 2

Classroom-based exploratory research

  • We explore your classroom context to identify what you want to explore and create some exploratory questions. At this point, we give you tools to collect your students' opinions and thoughts.

    Based on this information, we then write a comprehensive and personalised action plan to tackle your immediate needs in the classroom.
  • We meet again to discuss your action plan in detail and answer any questions you have.
  • You carry out your classroom-based exploratory research. As you do this, we are available to mentor you over your preferred social media app. If you want us to observe your lessons and get feedback, this is where the observation happens.
Step 2
Step 3


  • We meet a final time to guide you through your reflection on your classroom practice, answer any questions and celebrate all the great things that happened in your lessons!
  • You reflect on the whole process for your digital portfolio. How you do this is up to you but will be guided by your mentor. You may choose to write a reflective piece, or voice/video record your thoughts.
  • We document your journey in a digital portfolio that is yours to keep and share.
Step 3

Watch Anna talking about her action plan.

You can come back to us as many times as you like! If you refer another teacher to our services and they sign up, you get a free observation.

Working with eltonix was one of the best professional experiences I’ve had. eltonix is remarkably professional, creative and supportive.