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eltonix can help your teaching and training team reach their full potential by providing bespoke and cost-effective solutions. We are a versatile team working on a range of educational projects. If you want to know how we can work with you, contact us on

Here are some of the projects that we have worked on:

January – March 2023 British Council, India
eltonix will deliver a series of webinars to English Language teachers across India. Topics include: Teachers and Students with Disabilities, Creating Inclusive and Diverse Classrooms, and Empowering Learners with Learning to Learn Techniques.

January – December 2022 British Council Teach English Website
eltonix was invited to deliver a 6-part series of webinars on the topic of Creativity in the Classroom.  We developed and delivered the following: What is Creativity in the Classroom? Task Design Promoting Creative Thinking Skills (Part 1 & 2), Creative Feedback, Creative Ideas for your Professional Development & Being Creative with Low Resources. To see the recordings:

Review: “It was one of the best, if it is not the best webinar, I have ever attended from content to presentation and interaction. Really appreciate.”

Other webinars delivered for the British Council

Increasing the Level of Challenge and Cognition in the Teenage Classroom

Supporting Students with ADHD

July 2022 British Council Future English Online Teacher Community Summer School
eltonix developed engaging and bespoke content, materials, and trainer notes for webinars and speaking clubs, as well as forum posts and reading lists for participants in the Online Teacher Community Summer School. These were delivered to around 500 English Teachers, based in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine who wanted to improve their English level and reflect on teaching techniques.

Review: “The feedback on the summer school has been absolutely amazing – teachers loved the concept and the structure and really benefitted from getting involved. They loved the content and found it useful and entertaining, and we got the same feedback from our trainers as well.”

October 2021 IATEFL Young Learner and Teens Special Interest Group
eltonix delivered a 6-hour course for members of IATEFL YLTSIG on Using and Creating Images and Art in the English Language Primary Classroom. To read the accompanying blog post, visit Visual art in primary English language teaching | YLT (

Review: “Your perfect 5-star rating is intact which I think is truly exceptional. Participants were super enthusiastic and very clear that your course will have a massive impact on their practice.”

May – July 2021 British Council, Sri Lanka
We trained and mentored 15 teachers from the Sri Lanka British Council Teaching Centre. The brief was to prepare in-service newly-trained (CELTA) teachers to teach Young Learners.  The aims of the course were to improve practical teaching skills (face-to-face & online), improve skills on adapting existing Primary & Secondary Plus materials, to develop a deeper understanding of Task-based Learning & set up and manage a supportive and active community of practice.

Review: “Sarah and Claire were amazing trainers. They were kind and thorough and their sessions were relevant, consistent, and to the point. Enjoyed the training immensely!”

“Loved the vibe and overall atmosphere of wit and understanding created in the classroom by Sarah and Claire! I was learning so much while having a good time – I aim to make my own classroom atmosphere the same!”

March 2021 Language Centre, Linguist N LLC, Azerbaijan
eltonix delivered online training for Young Learner teachers at a language school in Azerbaijan. The brief was to improve on practical skills for in-house Young Learner teachers (face-to-face & online).

Review: “I would like to thank you for organizing an amazing session – I learnt a lot from it.”

Upcoming: April 2023 IATEFL, Harrogate Workshop
How to Teach Creative Thinking to Young Learners.

Upcoming: February 2023 British Council, Germany and LISUM (state teacher training institute) Plenary
Promoting Creative Thinking in Young Learner classrooms.

Upcoming: February 2023 Associacão Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês Plenary
Promoting Creative Thinking in Task Design.

January 2023, IATEFL Young Learner Sig Webcon Plenary
Learning to Look: Visual Literacy to Explore Global Identity with Teens.

November 2022 International House, London: Future of Training Conference
Tokenism or Engagement: A New Model for Teacher Development.

October 2022 Associacão Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês
Challenge & Cognition in the Teenage Classroom.

October 2022 British Council, Germany and LISUM (state teacher training institute)
Cognition and Challenge in the Young Learner Classroom.

May 2022 IATEFL, Belfast
Tokenism or Engagement: A New Model for Teacher Development.

March 2022, TESOL Greece
Tokenism or Engagement: A New Model for Teacher Development.

We have received excellent feedback for our work.