Our story

eltonix is the creation of Sarah and Claire, who started working together in 2017 as Academic Managers responsible for Young Learner and Adult education and teacher development and training. We hit it off straight away as friends, and found we had similar values and ideas of professionalism and integrity in the workplace.

We have had the privilege of working in many different countries and teaching contexts and are also Cambridge CELTA and Trinity TYLEC tutors.

We shared our experiences, our reflections, and what we thought could be done to revolutionise teacher development and reflective practice, and this was the start of eltonix!

Claire Steele

Sea (Claire) Steele (they/them)


I’m Sea and I have worked in EFL/ESL as a teacher, trainer, manager and consultant worldwide, but mainly in the UK, Australia, Colombia and Greece. I have always been interested in inspiring students and teachers, so teacher development has always been my area of interest and career path. I’ve been very privileged to have worked with teachers all over the world in their contexts. I work with teachers on fostering creativity and critical-thinking in the classroom to create a more dynamic and engaging learning experience. I’m also interested in teaching visual literacy skills, exploring social justice themes in the classroom, and supporting students who are gender diverse.

I live in Portugal where you can find me walking my 3 dogs, drawing, or cooking and eating.  I love reading graphic novels – drawing them too! I enjoy travelling and I’ve been very lucky to have visited many countries.

Sarah Smith (she/her)


I’m Sarah and I have worked as an EFL/ESL teacher in Senegal, Japan, Ecuador and Turkey. I was a teacher and mentor in Thailand and France and am now based in Greece where I initially worked as an academic manager and a teacher trainer. I work with teachers on creative thinking, reflective practice and holistic child development. As an educator with ADHD, I also deliver training on teaching and learning with ADHD and encouraging a sense of progress through learning to learn techniques. I am also an advocate for social justice pedagogy approaches which provide a safe learning environment for all teachers and students. I’m currently a board member of TESOL Greece.

I live in Greece where I’m currently trying, or rather struggling, to learn Greek – wish me luck! You can find me at my local taverna, walking my dog around the Acropolis or on the beach, or curled up on my couch with a comic book, a cup of tea and two naughty cats! 

Sarah Smith

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Our values

Diversity & inclusion

eltonix is committed to diversity and inclusion in the classroom which should be a safe environment for all teachers and students. We believe that schools, teachers and students alike should be respectful of diversity including (but not limited to) ethnicity and race, nationality, religion, culture, gender identity, sexuality, disabilities, and age.

Integrity & professionalism

eltonix is consistent in the services and products we provide, and we set high standards for ourselves.

Communication & trust

eltonix is committed to listening and guiding by establishing and maintaining excellent relationships so that we can better support our teachers. We are committed to treating everyone with respect.


eltonix values creativity and innovation which is reflected in our approach.